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Anders Buen
Acoustics consultant, researcher and maker of Hardanger instruments in Oslo, Norway.
Andrea Zanre
violin maker
Andreas Hudelmayer
Violin maker
Andrew Brown
Musician and acoustician specializing in the double bass
Anthony Lane
violin maker: new-making, restoration
Bill Scott
Violin maker
Carla Shapreau
Violin Maker
Charalampos (Harry) Saitis
Chris Dungey
cello maker
Christo Wood
violin maker
Claire Curtis
violin maker
Claudia Fritz
Colin Gough
Professor, University of Birmingham
Expertise: Superconductors, violin acoustics, violinist.
Student, experimental lutheier, violist
darri lorenzen
web master > temporary member
David Meyer
violin maker
David Prentice
violin maker
Doug Cox
Violin maker
Douglas Martin
Erich Tisch
Mechanical/Acoustic Engineer, Violin Repair and Restoration
Evan Davis
Structural Acoustics expert Boeing
Fan Tao
Violinist, string research Daddario
George Yu
Violin maker
Violin maker. Laurinburg, NC.

Interested in transparent iron oxide pigments, casein/oil emulsions, casein ground/sealer
Hans Johannsson
maker of bowed string instruments in reykjavik,iceland
diploma with distinction from the newark school of violin making 1980
Jim Ham
Instrument maker
Jim Woodhouse
Professor of engineering at Cambridge University/string acoustician
Follow link to "Full list of publications" to find PDF versions of some violin-related research (buried among other stuff)
John Fabel
John Graebner
Amateur cellist and violin maker
Vibration measurements on bows
Joseph Curtin
Violin Maker
Martin Schleske
The Martin Schleske Master Studio for violinmaking builds
top-of-the-line violins, violas and celli. The studio is renowned for
forging a creative link between the art of violinmaking and the field of
acoustical research.
Michael Griffin
violin maker/bass player
Michael R. Molnar
Violin maker/physicist
molnar AT eclipse DOT net
Mike Kemnitzer
instrument maker
Oded Kishony
Violin maker
Oliver Radke
violin maker
Peter Goodfellow
Violin maker
Peter Goodfellow
Violin maker
Sam Zygmuntowicz
violin maker
Steve Mccann
Violin maker
Ted White
Violin Maker
Terry Borman
violin maker
Thomas Bertrand
Timothy Johnson
violin maker
Tod Matus
Violin maker, photographer
Tom King
violin maker

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