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SpectraPLUS allows you to perform complex audio signal analysis without the use of any other hardware other than your Windows compatible sound card.
Very good audio software for the PC
Open source wave editor from KTH in Stockholm
Spectrogram - Real-time audio spectrum analysis using a Windows sound card.
George Stoppani´s creation,
Acquisition is for capturing frequency response functions.
ModeFit is for estimating mode parameters.
ModeShape is for plotting mode shapes and viewing animations.
FRFOverlay is for comparing FRFs or complex FFT data.
GS Spectrum Analyser : a more simple mono triggered recording and frequency analysis application.

modal analysis
A simple intro to modal analysis

violin acoustics
Excellent material from Erik Jansson at Stockholms Royal Technical University introducing the fruits of decades of dedicated acoustic work in a non-technical version for instrument makers.
Martin Schleskes ground breaking pages,. containing a plethora of useful descriptions of his methods of analysis and approach to instrument making.
The Acoustics Lab Forum of the New Violin Family Association
Andrew Brown´s complete dissertation on the comparison of flat and round backed double basses
Award winning article on the acoustics of the violin by Colin Gough

general acoustics
Dan Russels pages, packed with interesting material suitable as introductory text and graphics.
Acoustics Research Letters Online, or ARLO, is the quarterly international electronic letters journal of acoustics, published in January, April, July, and October by the Acoustical Society of America. ARLO serves physical scientists, engineers, psychologists, physiologists, architects, musicians, and speech communication specialists who wish to report the results of their research in acoustics in letter-sized contributions.
A great page with applets describing the nature of vibration, string behaviour etc.
A very useful source of definitions in a wiki style.

Accellerometers model no BU 1771 stamped BU 21771
Will hopefully be tested for linearity etc. soon by John Graebner

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